Driveway - Patio - Pool - Walkway Repairs

Do you have a small concrete repair that needs attention? Do you have a broken or crumbling concrete curb or a cracked concrete driveway section that needs to be repaired or replaced? Texas Mastic Company is able to professionally complete small concrete repairs such as, concrete curb repairs, concrete crack repairs and small concrete pours. No job is to small, call  us today for a free estimate. More information ....

Small Concrete Repairs

Expansion Joint Repairs

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Expansion Joint Restoration - Pool Deck Restoration - Concrete Makeover

Expansion Joints are the joints in your concrete driveway, pool decking and sidewalks. Its purpose is to allow movement between the concrete slabs but it is also important to waterproof and stop water from traveling underneath or between the concrete slabs. Sealed expansion joints serve a very important duty and should be kept in proper condition. Call us today for a free inspection. More information ....

Concrete Resurfacing

​​Is your driveway ugly? In years past if concrete was not taken care of, or had been damaged, the only option was to tear it up and pour new concrete in its place. Times have changed. Innovations in concrete repair and resurfacing have made repairing and revitalizing old concrete a reality. We can make your ugly concrete look new again for less. Ask about our Driveway Makeover Package. More information ....

​If your Houston driveway is in need of repairs because it is cracking, uneven,  spalling or fading call on the Houston Driveway Makeover Specialist for a free Driveway Makeover estimate.  We may be able to save you thousands over replacement cost. If you have more questions about our Driveway Makeover Packages feel free to send us an email or call our Service Department at 713-588-6441.  We are happy to help you with any concrete resurfacing or driveway repair issues that you may have.  

After more than two decades of servicing Houston's driveway repair needs, we are proud to say Texas Mastic Company, the Driveway Makeover Specialist, is at your service.  We have experienced technicians ready to serve you, we are here to help.