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​In years past if concrete was not taken care of, or had been damaged, the only option was to tear it up and pour new concrete in its place. Times have changed. Innovations in concrete repair and resurfacing have made repairing and revitalizing old concrete a reality.
These new products not only repair existing concrete, but we are also able to apply colors to the new surface making the concrete look better than when it was originally poured.

Resurfacing Concrete Driveways, Patios and Pool Decks

A concrete overlay can be applied as thin as 1/32 of an inch thick. By resurfacing the old concrete with high strength concrete overlay we are able to fix un-level areas in concrete, chipping, cracks, and worn areas at a fraction of what it would cost to remove and pour new concrete.

When unsightly, old and damaged concrete is no longer acceptable the option for concrete resurfacing should be your top choice. Concrete over time will often develop cracks, show surface spalling, stain, and begin to deteriorate. Typically the structural concrete slab will be fine but its surface is in need of repair and concrete resurfacing. Texas Mastic Company has been leading the concrete driveway resurfacing industry for years and has a proven system for driveway resurfacing. 

​Once it has been determined that something needs to be done about the old concrete, the fun begins!  There are purely functional concrete resurfacing finishes that will look and feel similar to standard grey concrete, but for those who want to take their concrete to a whole new level, decorative concrete may be considered. At the Texas Mastic Company we offer a few different finishes. Here are some common concrete resurfacing options with overviews of what the look and design can be expected from each: 

Broom Finish Concrete – Skim, Bond or Broom Coat: This system is designed to resurface concrete with a very thin layer of polymer modified cement. This thin layer can be squeegeed and smoothed out at 1/8th inch thick or less to provide a vibrant new surface to damaged concrete. Because of its thin nature, the concrete should be patched and leveled prior to the application so that any imperfections are corrected. This product can be colored and applied with a variety of textures to create a cost effective and limitless design to beautify concrete slabs and floors. 

Splatter Texture  -­ Splatter, Knock down, Sprayed texture concrete: Often found around pool decks and large outdoor patios and walkways. This functional concrete resurfacing system provides a textured, slip resistant finish that can be efficiently applied with a hopper spray gun. The final look is that similar to a splattered wall finish standard in many homes. The texture helps the surface stay cool for bare feet in the hot sun and creates a functional anti­ slip surface for wet areas. This texture is most often installed on top of a skim or bond coat and can then be coated in any color similar to a painted surface top while providing a sealed, consistent floor finish. 

​If your Houston driveway is in need of repairs because it is cracking, uneven,  spalling or fading call on the Houston Driveway Makeover Specialist for a free Driveway Makeover estimate.  We may be able to save you thousands of dollars over replacement cost. If you have more questions about our Driveway Makeover Packages feel free to send us a email or call our Service Department at 713-588-6441.  We are happy to help you with any concrete resurfacing or driveway repair issues that you may have.

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